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We would love for all our colleagues and customers to be the stars of Everyone Active's new videos.

We'd love to see videos of you keeping fit in the funniest, maddest and most everyday ways.

We're going to be creating exciting and dramatic videos to advertise Everyone Active and we want you to be the stars!

Every video we like will be used in the final film, no matter what you do or how you film it, so get your smart phones out, your digital cameras, your video cameras, previous videos you’ve taken and get filming! Spread the word amongst all your colleagues and customers and get creative!
Walking the dog or skydiving, vacuuming orspin class, running up a mountain or martial arts, swimming or surfing, dancing or baton twirling, gardening or playing with the kids..... We want to see you doing the thing you love to do to keep fit! The films are about EVERYONE being ACTIVE in as many ways as possible to help inspire others to join in the fun! Try to keep the clips short and don’t worry about sound as we’ll add our own sound effects.

We will give away iPod Shuffles to 4 of the videos that that inspire us, received in the first 2 weeks.

You can email your video to or if your file is too large to email then visit and it's just a few easy clicks to email files of any size.

Thanks in advance for your support, creativeness and enthusiasm!

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