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Thinking of becoming a Personal Trainer?

With increasing numbers of people attending leisure centre and engaging personal training services, a career as a personal trainer is becoming a popular profession for many people. For those that are suited to personal training it is both an emotionally and financially rewarding career.

If you are considering becoming a personal trainer, then you are at the threshold of what may become a new and fulfilling chapter in your life. There are many ways that you can work as a personal trainer and Everyone Active are always looking for great personal trainers to work in our clubs across the UK. Remember that you do not need to give up your existing job to become a personal trainer and many people work part time in clubs to support their full time job; thus their passion becomes a valuable new income stream.

Discovery Learning

How do I make a start?

In order to work as a PT you will need to study and pass a recognised personal trainer qualification. There are many providers of personal trainer courses in the UK, and deciding which provider you will qualify with is an important decision. Here at Everyone Active, we have a partnership with Discovery Learning, who are one of the leading personal trainer course providers in the UK, and we are confident that you will not find a better option.


The two formal qualifications necessary to become a personal trainer in the UK are the Level 2 Gym Instructor and the Level 3 Personal Trainer certificates. Discovery provide both these qualifications together in a combined package for those starting from scratch, or individually for students that already have the level 2 certification. Furthermore, Discovery Learning only use the UK’s top awarding organisation for fitness: Central YMCA Qualifications. This means that your qualification will be recognised anywhere in the UK and also in most countries overseas.

Why Discovery Learning?

Discovery Learning LogoDiscovery Learning have been providing personal trainer courses for over ten years and have an excellent reputation for quality in the fitness industry. With one of the widest ranges of fitness courses, all at unbeatable prices, most fitness professionals agree that Discovery Learning are the number one preference for fitness qualifications.

Discovery believe that the key to learning is flexibility for the learner, which is why their courses are provided as three distinct options:

  • complete online package
  • part time blended learning
  • intensive full time

This allows each student to determine the best solution and learning can be completed at a pace to suit their personal circumstances. This makes Discovery an ideal training provider for those having to balance busy work schedules or family commitments, or for those that wish to complete their course within the quickest possible time frame. A dedicated student support team is always available to guide learners and support them to excel in their chosen course.

Discovery Learning also provide one month of free personal trainer insurance for all graduates, as well as free impartial careers advice, and help setting up your own professional website. In fact they provide everything that you need to get started in this exciting and dynamic profession. What is more, if you graduate with Discovery Learning, you are guaranteed an interview in one of our Everyone Active centres for a job as a freelance personal trainer.

We strongly recommend Discovery Learning as a personal trainer course provider and why not contact them to find out more about becoming a fitness professional.