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Corporate Social Responsibility

SLM has a continuing commitment to behave ethically and contribute to economic development whilst improving the quality of life of its workforce and their families as well as the local community and society at large. The company aims to create a positive impact on local communities.


It is a well known fact that leisure centres, by their very nature are large consumers of energy. SLM recognises that local, national and international demands draw focus on the need to moderate energy consumption and optimise every devised management technique across our estate.

We see it as our minimum social responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimise waste and provide an environmentally sustainable service to our customers in both our delivered core operations and to seek it in those supporting us in our commitments.

Backed by our structured approach and Environmental Management policy, the SLM mission is to monitor and measure all impacting material that we procure, use and discharge; implement our initiatives; set ourselves ambitious yet realistic targets and constantly look to maximise our contribution towards the development of a greener planet for the benefit of all.

Our track record and success comes from our internal and external partnerships, our commitment to technical excellence, our desire for quality and customer satisfaction and above all, our dedicated colleagues.

Charity Fundraising

SLM is committed to supporting charities both at a national and local level. We support one charity a year across the business and then each of our centres are also free to support their own local charities. Here’s just a few examples of our recent charitable achievements:

SLM has partnered with Anthony Nolan to help save lives of seriously ill people and find the lifesavers of the future. We recongnise the role Everyone Active can play with helping save lives by encouraging our younger members to join the bone marrow donor register, raising donations through fundraising events and most importantly, raising the awareness of Anthony Nolan charity.

We have pledged to raise over £100,000 and will continue to increase the number of people on the register by holding donor days throughout our centres.

Find out how we are getting on, visit Our Charity page and support this great cause.

See the great work they do or find our more at www.anthonynolan.org