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Active Accessibility

Active Accessibility

At Everyone Active, we strive to ensure all our customers are catered for in our centres.

disabled2Many of our centres provide accessible gym environments, specialist gym equipment, poolside facilities and accessible changing facilities, toilets and entry. We also have colleagues who are fully qualified in working with members with varying levels of disability.

We work in partnership with local disability groups to provide specialist sessions aimed at increasing the amount of activities available to our disabled members. To find out what is available under our Active Accessibility programme, click on our centre locator, find your nearest Everyone Active leisure centre and then click on either the timetable to see existing sessions or the ‘Clubs and Associations’ tab to find out more about our local links with disability groups.

Some of the specialised sports we hold at our centres include:

Boccia - A game involving the throwing of balls to get closest to the Jack. This game requires high levels of accuracy, concentration and tactical awareness.

Splash and Swim - Swimming sessions specifically designed for our disabled customers, where carers are able to swim for free. These sessions also include the use of floats and other swimming devices to support our disabled swimmers.

Sledge Hockey - Designed to allow participants with a physical disability the chance to play ice hockey. The rules follow the same lines as ice hockey and it can be a very high paced, physically demanding game.

Parabadminton - Badminton is a truly inclusive sport and can easily be adapted for disabled players. If you can pick up a racquet then you can play parabadminton. If a leisure centre has the ability to host badminton, they can provide services for our disabled badminton customers.

Availability of these sports will vary depending on the centre’s facilities. Please contact your local centre directly to find out more.


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