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Activity Camp

Activity Camp

Join our innovative Everyone Active Activity Camps, offering a range of physical activities, arts/crafts and educating children to lead healthier lifestyles.

activity_campEveryone Active is the premium holiday camp provider in the area.

Our Everyone Active Activity Camps provide children with fun, engaging and stimulating activity throughout their stay! Our Activity Camps are the first choice for parents/guardians who want a safe, flexible and great value holiday camp for their children.

The programme will include a range of physical activities as well as arts and craft development, which will be based around developing key FUNdamental skills for each and every child.

On top of being great fun the Activity Camps have elements of lifestyle education and support children in leading a healthier lifestyle.

  • Range of activities including sports, arts/crafts and outdoor pursuits
  • Themed activity weeks
  • Competitions with Bee Active
  • Plus much more...

Parents are advised to pre book to secure their child’s place. 

We look forward to welcoming you!

To find out more or to book on our Activity Camps, please contact your local centre or find out more by clicking the links below.

Participating Centres

This activity is available in other centres too. To be directed to the centre that offers this activity as well, please select the district council first and then the centre from the below dropdown list. You will automatically be redirected to the centre page on centre selection.

General Enquiry

General Enquiry

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Why not register for free and take part in this program and get active and feel better? Create your account and track your progress, or come along to a session in centre and speak with our expert staff