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Adult lessons cater for all abilities from the non-swimmer to the more competent wishing to improve stroke technique, stamina and overall ability. Additional skills in diving, water safety and distance swimming should also be introduced.

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  • Adult Learn To Swim Beginner classes will take place in shallow water. They are designed to introduce the student to the pool environment, gain water confidence and knowledge of basic aquatic skills. The ability to swim a distance of 10 metres in both prone and supine body positions are to be obtained to progress to the next level.
  • Adult Stamina & Technique Intermediate classes are designed to develop greater skills, improving stamina and stroke technique, and gaining confidence in deeper water. Distance awards of up to 50 metres with good technique in both prone and supine body positions are required to progress to the next level.
  • Adult Fitness Refinement of stroke technique is required at this level whilst further endurance swimming is developed. Distance awards at this level are attainable up to 1500 metres.
Having gained skills and confidence in the water a variety of options are available to adults. These will include National Challenge awards, Bronze, Silver and Gold Personal Survival, Diving Skills and Lifesaving courses, leading to a lifesaving  qualification. Additionally many adult swimmers may choose to compete in competition and therefore it is essential that the needs of such swimmers are catered for in this class.

LifeguardThinking of becoming a Lifeguard?

Becoming a lifeguard is a very rewarding and fulfilling career. Lifeguards are an integral part of any swimming pool, this is a great foundation into the leisure industry. For those that are suited to being an instructor it is both an emotionally and financially rewarding career.

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