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Play Badminton with Everyone Active

Everyone Active has teamed up with Badminton England to offer our members a range of unique badminton experiences (please check with your local centre for availability).

Badminton is:

  • A great form of exercise,
  • Fun, enjoyable and social,
  • Improves overall health,
  • Can be played at a range of intensity levels.

Play badminton today - Book a Court or try one of our Play Badminton programmes:

No Strings Badminton

NoStringsThe perfect activity for those that want to get back into and play badminton with friends. Led by a Badminton Activator they will engage and ensure players are supported to be active and engaged throughout the session.

Essentials Badminton

EssentialsAn 8 week course that is led by a fully qualified Level 2 Badminton Coach. Players are taught the basic rules and skills to play badminton at any level. Want to learn how to play badminton? Then this is the best way to start!

Battle Badminton

BattleFancy a bit of competition? Want to take your badminton skills to the next level? Then register with Battle Badminton which is easy and user friendly allowing people to find other registered players within their centre or area to compete against to gain points! Battle Badminton is both social and lightly competitive at the same time.

Smash Up Badminton

SmashUpAimed at young people, providing them with an opportunity to play badminton in an environment that is relaxed and tailored, introducing a range of ideas such as games, music, and challenges all led by one of our Smash Up Activators.

What is badminton?

The Basics

Badminton is a racquet sport played on a rectangular court either as singles or as pairs. Very little specialist equipment is required other than a badminton racket and a shuttlecock. Shuttlecocks come in three different speeds – fast, medium and slow. At the highest levels of the game the shuttle can hit speeds in excess of 150mph.

The Benefits

Playing badminton makes you physically fit and burns fat.  It’s a high paced game that will also improve your reflexes, co-ordination and balance. Badminton is also a very social game with many people playing doubles with friends.

Try Badminton

Badminton England is the national governing body and it hosts a website www.badmintonengland.co.uk where you will find a host of information about playing badminton and also the successes of English badminton stars. Most leisure centres that have a sports hall will offer badminton as one of the many sports it hosts. Our sports halls are marked out with a number of badminton courts that are available to hire daily.

Participating Centres

This activity is available in other centres too. To be directed to the centre that offers this activity as well, please select the district council first and then the centre from the below dropdown list. You will automatically be redirected to the centre page on centre selection.

General Enquiry

General Enquiry

Join in - it´s easy

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