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Basketball was invented in the United States at what is now Springfield College, Massachusetts. The main features of the game invented by Dr James Naismith were:

  • a team game
  • a ball handling game without the use of any implement
  • the ball was easy to handle, round, light and difficult to conceal
  • a game played indoors
  • no tackling
  • to offset the no tackling, players were not permitted to run with the ball
  • skill required to score, therefore, the target was placed above head height
  • equal opportunity for each team
  • game that demanded skill rather than strength to succeed
  • game easy to learn
  • a game anybody could play

The first game of basketball was played in mid-December 1891 at the YMCA gymnasium in Springfield.

In England the England Basketball Leagues include teams from the senior level right down to the Under 13 age group and currently there are over 550 teams and more than 8000 registered players.

The Benefits basketballWhilst not renowned as an aerobic sport basketball can still help you to burn calories, build endurance and improve balance and co-ordination. Its also a great way to make new friends, become a team player, have fun and be able to practice all year round indoors either alone (shooting hoops), in pairs or as part of a team.

Try Basketball To contact England Basketball for more information or to find a club near to you visit www.englandbasketball.co.uk. Everyone Active offers its sports halls out to local clubs and teams that may need a local venue for training. A number of our leisure centres have ties with local clubs. To find out more please speak to your local leisure centre.

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