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Indoor climbing is an increasingly popular form of rock climbing performed on artificial structures that attempt to mimic the experience of outdoor rock.

The proliferation of indoor climbing gyms has increased the accessibility, and thus the popularity, of the sport of climbing.

There are a few differences in techniques, style and equipment between sport climbing outdoors and indoors. Climbing artificial climbing walls, especially indoors is much safer because of controlled environmental conditions. During indoor climbing holds are easily visible in contrast with natural wall where finding a good hold or foothold may be a challenge.

The Basics

This is a fun and safe sport for all ages. Climbing facilities provide a controlled, supervised environment where novice through professional climbers can exercise in an enjoyable way. Trained staff teach the necessary safety techniques, and climbing gear is available for rent or purchase.

The Benefits

climbing2With indoor climbing you get the best possible workout. Even your mind benefits with the problem solving this sport demands, and you will learn mental control along with your improved climbing skills. As an exercise you get benefits from both endurance and strength training, and both fast and slow twitch muscles are required. So, climbing exercise engages and works all muscle groups simultaneously, while using and improving balance and coordination.

Some may feel that working out at a leisure centre is a little boring; but exercise with climbing is always new, challenging, and motivating. You also benefit from the social aspect you experience at a climbing gym. It's a place for trust building, camaraderie, and self-confidence.

Try Climbing

A number of Everyone Active run leisure centres offer indoor climbing walls but there are also around 400 indoor climbing facilities in the UK alone, all of which are listed on the UK Climbing website www.ukclimbing.com. If you want to give climbing a go then find your nearest leisure centre and click on their facilities list to see what is available.


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