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Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of 11 players on a field at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard long pitch. Each team takes it in turn to bat, attempting to score runs, while the other team fields. Each turn is known as an innings.

The Basics

cricket2The aim of cricket is simple - score more than the opposition. Two teams, both with 11 players, take it in turns to bat and bowl.  When one team is batting, they try and score as many runs as they can by hitting the ball around an oval field.

The other team must get them out by bowling the ball overarm at the stumps, which are at either end of a 22-yard area called a wicket. The bowling team can get the batsmen out by hitting the stumps or catching the ball.

Once the batting team is all out, the teams swap over and they then become the bowling side. Whoever scores the most runs wins. But a cricket match can be drawn too. That happens when the team bowling last fails to get all the batsmen out. But this is only when there are two innings per team. If there is one innings, the only way a match can be drawn is if the two teams score the same amount of runs.

The Benefits

In common with most sports the benefits of cricket are improved endurance, stamina, physical fitness and hand-eye co-ordination. Cricket also involves short bursts of sprinting and throwing which is good for cardiovascular health.

Try Cricket

There are lots of different playing opportunities for all ages and abilities, these include club cricket, indoor cricket and new shorter formats of the game. To find a local cricket club near you visit www.ecb.co.uk.  A number of our leisure centres also offer indoor net facilities in sports halls for indoor practice sessions. To find an Everyone Active leisure centre near you visit our centre locator.


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