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Our gyms provide a wide range of high quality and modern equipment to help you achieve your results

When you first start to use the gym, we have designed a journey that will support you in achieving whatever goal you set yourself, whether you are a complete beginner and just starting out or an experienced exerciser.

One of our qualified and experienced fitness colleagues will take you through an initial session  to show you how to use the equipment and help you get started. Thereafter they are on hand to support you through the rest of your journey by:

  • Providing continuous advice and instruction.
  • Monitoring your progress.
  • Helping you to achieve your goals and develop your workout.
  • Providing extra motivation.
  • Ensuring you don’t quit!

Fitness Appointments

Our journey consists of a number of sessions, each designed to help you get the most from your exercise, all adapted as required to your needs.

Online / Virtual Induction

Specifically designed for the more experienced user, the on-line induction will quickly and effectively set you up to use the gym and take advantage of our many exercise programmes. Whether you are at home, on the move or in the Centre the on-line induction gives you complete flexibility.

New to exercise and feeling self-conscious and vulnerable? Then the On-line induction also helps you get started without having to complete your initial session surrounded by other members in the gym.

If you've registered online then to visit the online induction please click here.

At the end of the on-line induction we will ask you to get booked in for the next step, which is your Personal Goal Setting appointment.

Group Introduction

For those who prefer to meet with one of our fitness colleagues, this session introduces you to our most commonly used equipment along with other like-minded new members in small groups of 2-5 people.

Our Group Introduction get's you off to a great start by introducing you to our friendly fitness team and ensuring you feel confident in using our gym equipment safely and effectively on your own. At the end of the session we'll then get you booked in for the next step, which is  your Personal Goal Setting appointment.

Personal Goal Setting

This session will ensure you get on track for achieving your personal goal.

Our REPS registered fitness colleagues will help you to:

  • Complete an online personal activity profile.
  • Set your fitness goal.
  • Recommend the most suitable training plans for you to follow to achieve your goal.
  • Use our online planner to track your progress. For more information on our Online training planner please click here.

Goal Review

These sessions are 1 to 1 sessions that aim to ensure that you stay on track with your goal, or to get you back on track if you have lost your way. Our REPS registered fitness colleagues  will help assess where you've got to and where you're going next with advice on how to change your workouts to reach your personal fitness goal or get you back on track We are happy to review your progress as often as you need on route to achieving your goals

Specialist Equipment Introduction

Specialist_IntroWe offer a range of specialist equipment within the gym and appreciate sometimes a little more help might be needed to get the most from using it. That’s why we run our Specialist Equipment Introductions, to ensure you have the knowledge to use some of our latest equipment in the correct way to get  the best results.

Our Specialist Equipment Introductions include TRX, Powerplate, Watt Bike, Total Gym - Gravity and many more! (Please check at your centre for specific sessions and availability).

Fitness Support

At Everyone Active we recognize that the most important thing is that you feel supported. As well as the sessions described above delivered by our highly qualified staff, we also support you in other ways.

Ask An Expert

Our online fitness experts are on hand to answer any questions that you may have about your fitness activities.

Do you need help achieving your goals or advice on a training plan, workout or video class? Are you struggling with an injury or need some help losing weight?

Ask one of Everyone Active's fitness experts by submitting your question online, just click here. This service is available to members only.

Workout CardsWorkout_card

To help you achieve your goals we have introduced workout cards that are designed to follow on from your Personal Goal Setting appointment. These cards set out planned gym training sessions varying from 30 minute weight loss workouts to advanced strength based sessions.

Personal Training

An individual or group session for either 30 or 60 minutes. For increased motivation and support to ensure you achieve your goals quicker.

For more information on our fantastic Personal Training services please click here.

Small Group Training

Specific 1 hour goal orientated sessions for a maximum of 12 like-minded people over 6 weeks.

For more information on our great Small Group Training sessions please click here.


Participating Centres

This activity is available in other centres too. To be directed to the centre that offers this activity as well, please select the district council first and then the centre from the below dropdown list. You will automatically be redirected to the centre page on centre selection.

General Enquiry

General Enquiry

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