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Korfball is a mixed gender ball sport with similarities to netball and basketball.  It is played by two team of 8 players with 4 females and 4 males in each team.  The objective is to throw a ball through a bottomless basket that is mounted on a 3.5m high pole.


The Basics

A korfball match consists of two periods of 30 minutes, with a break of 10 minutes in between periods.

Two men and two women of each team are in one zone, and the others are in the other zone. During the match they cannot switch zones. Men and women play side-by-side, but duels are man to man and woman to woman. However, it is allowed for a player to switch among opponents whom he/she is defending, as long as they are of the same sex.

The rules prevent physical strength dominating the game. Blocking, tackling and holding are not allowed, as well is kicking the ball. Once a player has the ball, they cannot dribble, run or walk with it, however, they can move one foot as long the other remains on the same spot. Therefore tactical and efficient teamwork is required, because players need each other to keep the ball moving.

The Benefits

Whilst not renowned as an aerobic sport korfball can still help you to burn calories, build endurance and improve balance and co-ordination. Its also a great way to make new friends, become a team player, have fun and be able to practice all year round indoors.

Try Korfball

To find a team near you or to simply find a game to go and watch, visit www.englandkorfball.co.uk. Here you will find a list of all the clubs in England as well as finding ways to get involved with the game including volunteering.

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