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Roller Skating

Roller Skating

Rollerskating is travelling on surfaces with roller skates. It is a form of activity as well as a recognised sport. Skates come in three different varieties: quad roller skates, inline skates or blades and tri-skates.

Artistic rollerskating is a sport which consists of a number of events including dance, freestyle and figures. Speed skating is a competitive non-contact sport played on inline skates where different levels of skaters compete.

Other forms of skating include roller hockey, roller derby and roller discos!

The most popular form of rollerskating in the UK is group skating. This is where large groups of skaters meet to skate together.

A number of our Everyone Active leisure centres offer rollerskating as an organised group activity. To find a leisure centre near you that offers this service simply click on our centre locator, find your nearest leisure centre and look at both the timetable and the events tabs.

Participating Centres

This activity is available in other centres too. To be directed to the centre that offers this activity as well, please select the district council first and then the centre from the below dropdown list. You will automatically be redirected to the centre page on centre selection.

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