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Competitive rowing can trace its history back to the Ancient Egyptians, making it one of the world’s oldest sports. The sport can take a number of forms; from the sliding seat boats used in the Olympics and University boat race to the oceangoing vessels crossing the Atlantic.


Each boat has its own lane or course and must stick to this throughout the race. Any collision between boats, oars or rowers is prohibited. Each boat is responsible for its own steering.


Rowing is one of the best cardio activities because it works the upper and lower body. It tones these areas too, as well developing core strength to stay upright in the boat. The movement is smooth and fluid, without any of the jarring or impact associated with other sports.

Getting Started

Most Everyone Active run gyms will have an indoor rower which can give you a feel for the sport and understand whether this is an exercise that suits you. The closer you are to a body of water, the more likely there is to be a club in your area. To find out more about the sport, or to locate your nearest club visit www.britishrowing.org

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General Enquiry

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