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School Swimming

Everyone Active School Swimming

Working in partnership with local schools throughout the UK, Everyone Active delivers fantastic school swimming programmes that are designed to help schools achieve the Key Stage 2 attainment target.

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We work with children of all ages to offer them a comprehensive programme of learning which can feed into further opportunities in the water outside of the school environment.

Everyone Active have two School Swimming delivery methods available:

  1. Intensive 15 day model
  2. Weekly Term Time model

All will be familiar with the weekly term time model, and less familiar with the concept of students attending for 15 consecutive days (the intensive model)

The National School Swimming Census armed us with the knowledge that 45% of all primary school children aged 7-11yrs were unable to swim 25 metres unaided, which is the requirement for Key Stage 2. In addition, 1 in 14 Primary Schools were not even offering swimming as a provision for their students.

Everyone Active programmes are developed around Aquatics, not just swimming.

Children are encouraged, in the first instance with soft balls, throwing and catching, splashing and reaching and for those that had some ability, swimming, water polo, synchro and diving are introduced.

The intensive model has supported behaviour change and strong outcomes:

  • The opportunity to avoid a lesson has been removed.
  • Progress is a priority.
  • School teachers have responded with praise & reported a growth in student confidence.
  • Data is recorded on all swimmers, tracking progress and development over the period.

The weekly model supports the schools existing timetable model:

  • The opportunity to build upon weekly attendances.
  • Progress is a priority.
  • School teachers equally respond with praise and value on going input regarding water safety & development
  • Data is recorded on all swimmers, tracking progress and development over the period.

All teachers are:

  • Swim England Level two qualified,
  • Hold a current Disclosure and Barring Service check
  • Attended safeguarding training.
  • Attend update training in the form of Continuous Professional Development

Swim England:

The governing body have visited and acknowledge the strength of our swim delivery model, awarding us with Swim England Swim 21 Accreditation in March 2015.


  • ‘Every Child Matters’ and inclusion is key
  • Continuous assessment and quality teaching
  • Evaluation, monitoring and effective reporting essential
  • Aligns to Everyone Active’s proven teaching methodology


  • Maximise Key Stage 2 attainment and student confidence

The Facts

  • Everyone Active teaches in excess of 25,000 school children each week
  • Everyone Active employs more than 1,600 swimming teachers and six qualified tutors.
  • Students attend either 15 consecutive days or weekly for a school term
  • All students are taught commensurate with their ability
  • Competent students are given the opportunity to participate in the Dive TID programme
  • All students will receive an Award Card at the end of the period
  • Everyone Active arranges transport to and from the centre where practical

In addition

  • All students receive five free family swim vouchers
  • All students receive fun filled swim fact sheets to further develop their knowledge
  • All students undertake water polo skills during the programme as a fun way of learning
  • All students receive a 50% discount voucher for after school Learn to Swim lessons – (should they fail to achieve Key Stage 2 target at the end of the period)

If you would like additional information on school swimming or how to register your school, please contact us using the enquiry form below.

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