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A triathlon consists of three events performed consecutively. The race starts with a swim, competitors then jump on their bike for a cycling leg and finish with a run. Between each leg is a transition, which is a chance to take on board fluids and prepare for the next stage of the race.


Since training will comprise each of the three disciplines, it will always be varied. Entering a race gives you something to work towards and a real sense of achievement once the race has been completed. There are variety of different distances covered by triathlons all over the country and, whilst it might seem like a marathon effort, there are some great starter events that encourage people to improve at all three events and at the same time increasing their overall fitness levels.

Getting started

If you are interested in training for a triathlon then speak to one of our personal trainers in our gyms to help you plan a programme that will prepare you for this physically demanding test.  You might also want to think about taking some swimming lessons to improve your technique in the water to make the swimming leg faster and more efficient.

To find details of a triathlon club in your area, or for a list of upcoming races visit www.triathlonengland.org


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General Enquiry

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