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Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of four - six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court under organised rules.

The Basics

The server must serve from behind the end line and can be served with under over overhand. The ball must be clearly visible to the opposing team before the serve. Games are played to 25 points but must be won by 2 clear points. The teams rotate clockwise each time they win the serve.

There is only a maximum of three hits per side and one player may not hit the ball twice in succession. Switching positions is only allowed between the frontline players after the serve.  Players are not permitted to touch the net or reach over or under the net.

The Benefits

Volleyball increases agility, improves hand-eye co-ordination and reflexes. It improves overall body strength and the ability to vertical jump. It is a very competitive and fast paced team sport so you will benefit from a great cardiovascular workout and develop excellent sportsmanship.

Try Volleyball

To find out more about playing volleyball in England visit www.volleyballengland.org where you will find a variety of information including details on sitting volleyball, beach volleyball and traditional volleyball. You can also speak to your local Everyone Active run leisure centre to see what clubs use their centres and whether there are volleyball facilities available.

Participating Centres

This activity is available in other centres too. To be directed to the centre that offers this activity as well, please select the district council first and then the centre from the below dropdown list. You will automatically be redirected to the centre page on centre selection.

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