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Young Adult Sessions

Young Adult Sessions

These are suitable for 11-15 year old customers. These sessions are normally run at term times only. Check with your Group Fitness team for more details.

Active Circuits

Achieve a full body workout, involving both cardiovascular and resistance exercises to motivating music to get you ‘real results’.

Bike Active

Suitable for 11-15years. Want to be the next Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton or Bradley Wiggins? Great indoor cycling session that will improve your ability to climb hills, race on the flat and improve your overall fitness. Participants must be over 4’10” to take part.

Dance Active

Calling all teenagers who love to dance. Learn all the latest dance moves, to your favourite songs. Suitable for 11-15yrs.

Gym Active

Suitable for 11-15years. Gym & Studio based sessions to improve general fitness and promote healthy lifestyles.

Sport Active

Suitable for 11-15yrs. We activate and stimulate your imagination and body. This session will concentrate on different skills and drills every week to ensure you improve in the sport that you play.

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Thinking of becoming an Instructor?

Becoming an exercise instructors is a rewarding career, helping members become more active, this also opens up a lot doors into the leisure industry. For those that are suited to being an instructor it is both an emotionally and financially rewarding career.

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General Enquiry

General Enquiry

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