Aureus Spa Bromsgrove

Bromsgrove Facilities

Heated chambers and sauna

Steam Room

An enclosed space with large amounts of high temperature steam. The benefits are rids the body of toxins, boosts the immune system & aids relaxation, ideal after a workout.


A traditional sauna, the temperature is maintained between 80 – 100 degrees centigrade. The benefits include eliminating toxins from the body & relieving stress.

Aroma Room

Aroma Grottos or Tropicariums are mildly-heated tiled steam rooms in which a scented oil, such as eucalyptus or lavender is added to the steam to help you breathe more easily.

Jacuzzi Spa Pool

The temperature is kept at 32 degrees centigrade. The benefits include; helps the body to relax, aids rehabilitation following an injury or surgery.


Moonson showers & Drench showers.

Relaxation Area

Complete your experience by relaxing in our tranquil and calm environment.

Treatment Rooms

Pedicure area, Manicure area & Double sized treatment room (couples and families).