Forest Spa


Treat yourself with a visit to our luxurious Forest Spa which is strictly for adults. Enjoy the health benefits of hydrotherapy and soothe those aching muscles and joints in our relaxing spa.

Opening Times

Forest Spa

Monday – Friday 9am – 9.45pm (off-peak 9am – 5pm)
Saturday – Sunday 9am – 4.45pm (off-peak 2pm – 4.45pm)
Bank Holiday 9am – 4pm


  • Whirlpool Spa (36ºC) – Enjoy the health benefits of hydrotherapy in this all-over body massage.
  • Hot Tub (38ºC) – Enjoy this deep, warm water for a full body treatment.
  • Footspa (36ºC) – Treat your toes and lower legs to a reflexology massage using bubbling water.
  • Steam Room – The high humidity levels combined with lower temperatures can benefit anyone with joint, muscle, mobility or nasal conditions.
  • Feature Showers – Exhilarating showers to use between heat-based treatments.
  • Sauna – A high heat, low humidity environment ideal for people with circulatory or muscular conditions.
  • Lounge & Exclusive Changing Area – Relax and chill out on our comfy recliners, and refreshments are available.
  • Sanarium® – A combination of sauna and steam room offering a gentler heat and steam.
  • Swimming Pool Access – We offer direct lift access to the pools.
Members Non-members
Peak £9.35 £11.50
Off-Peak £8.10 £10.25
Off-Peak £7.00 £8.55
Swim & Spa
Peak £11.00 £13.15
Off-Peak £9.75 £11.90
Gym, Swim & Spa
Peak £16.45 £18.60
Off-Peak £14.70 £16.85