Junior Golf Parties

The Golf Academy is the perfect place for your child’s birthday party. We offer a fantastic range of fun activities and games followed by lunch. With the specialist coaching from a Golf Academy professional the day will be fun, fun, fun!

What we offer… Our PGA-qualified golf professionals will help your child and their friends develop or improve their golfing ability through a series of fun games, where they could win prizes and goodies. Following an hour and a half with the professional, it’s time to hit the meeting room for some food and drinks. The all-inclusive prices listed below include:

  • invitations
  • 1½ hour with a Pro
  • 30 minutes in a private room for lunch
  • lunch and squash
  • a small gift for each attendee

So come down and let us make your party, a party to remember. We can offer parties that are aimed at children aged 6 and over at times to suit; weekends or after school. Please speak to one of our professionals if the guests are younger.

The minimum number of children participating is 8. Larger parties are welcome – please call to discuss. One adult should accompany a party at all times.


Birdie Party: £14.50 per child

Eagle Party: £16 per child


Birdie party menu

To be ordered on the day, the children can choose from:

  • plain burger, cheese burger
  • sausage,
  • chicken nuggets, chicken burger
  • chicken, beef or vegetable pie

All of the above come with chips.

Eagle party menu

  • sandwiches
  • chicken drumsticks
  • sausage rolls
  • pizza bites
  • crisps
  • crudités (cut salad and dips)
  • jelly and ice cream