Sutton Sting Ice Hockey

One of the main users of Lammas ice rink, Sutton Sting Ice Hockey Academy, is now recruiting! The Sting has a team or activity for everyone and offers everything from Learn to Hockey Skate right through to competitive team in the English National Ice Hockey Leagues with teams for all age groups in between. The Sting has players from 4 years old right through to ‘veterans’ although there are certain requirements that need to be met such as kit and equipment and some basic skating ability.

The Sting will be icing 9 teams in the EIHA Leagues:  U10, U12D1, U12D2, U14D1, U14D2, U16D1, U16D2, U18 and NIHL (seniors). In addition there is a team just for girls under 16 years and also our own “Fat Dads”.

To help new players get the basic skills necessary to play ice hockey the Sting and Everyone Active work together and produce an exciting programme of activities that are available to anyone who wants to play ice hockey.

Learn to Skate (Hockey)
Saturday morning’s 08:30 to 09:00
Sting Coaches work together with the Lammas Ice Skating Coaches to deliver a course run in 6 week blocks to teach new players to take their very first steps on the ice right through to the point where the player is ready to get involved in a Club Team.

“Stick ‘ Glove”
This exciting new programme is available on Saturday’s at 08:00
The aim is to provide a bridge between the Learn to Hockey Skate programme and the Sting’s Learn to Play Programme. Players need to have reached grade 3 of the Learn to Hockey Skate programme and have the ability to move forwards and stop comfortably in order to join this programme.

Learn to Play Ice Hockey
This programme is available on Saturday’s at 17:15.
Sutton Sting’s Learn to Play Hockey (LTP) programme has been much in demand and will now be a component of the Lammas ice rink timetable. The 45 minute session will provide all new players with the quickest route in to a Sutton Sting ice hockey team. On the Sting LTP players will gain valuable skills in advanced skating and stick handling techniques and will be working alongside the best that Sting has to offer in terms of coaching and playing talent.

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