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Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre offers a wide range of accessible facilities to accommodate all needs. Everyone Active’s goal is to encourage everyone to participate in 30 minutes of activity 5 days a week, and our facilities allow this goal to be achieved. Please see our accessibility information below:


Guide-Dogs Braille Concessions Contacting the venue easy-read Large-Print Lift Parking Sign-Language

There is a slope at the main entrance to the building with automatic doors to the main reception, and an accessible gate alongside the main reception desk. An accessible toilet is located at main reception. This has been enlarged to provide sufficient space for wheelchair users and has a peninsular toilet.


There is a passenger lift to enable access to the gym on the first floor of the facility. The lift has enough space for wheelchair access and lift controls are accessible. The lift provides an audible announcement informing users of doors opening and closing and floor reached.

Toilets and Changing

Accessible-baby-change Changing Large-Lockers Toilets WC Standard

This facility has an electronic hoist which covers almost the whole of the changing room. There is a height adjustable bench, a height adjustable wash basin and a peninsular toilet. It is well located for use as a changing room for the swimming pool. Customers should bring their own slings to use with the hoist. The slings need to be of a looped fixing type (NOT a plastic clip type made by Arjo).

An automatic door allows easy access to and from poolside for customers using the Changing Places facility. There are wet and dry changing cubicles in the main swimming pool and next to the gym. Two of these cubicles having its own shower with seat, its own toilet, as well as a fixed height changing bench. The other cubicle has been enlarged and has a fixed height changing bench.

Poolside Facilities

Large-Lockers Pool-Hoist SpectatorFlotation-device

There are two hoists to assist disabled customers getting in and out of the pool: a traditional mechanical hoist and a state of the art Pool Pod which is a battery powered hoist. In addition, there is a sloping set of steps with adjacent hand rails in the swimming pool to assist customers with mobility difficulties to get in out of the water.

Gym Facilities

There is an accessible gate at the gym reception. Within the gym we have an Ergo bike which is specifically designed for wheelchair users, so the seat can be removed and a wheelchair locked into place. The fitness suite has Inclusive Fitness Initiative accredited equipment.

Catering and Vending


The Café counters and displays are accessible to wheelchair users and there is a table waiting services available for customers who require it upon request and staff.

Activity Provision

The facility provides a wide range of additional activities, opportunities and events which are accessible and inclusive.

For more information regarding our accessible facilities, please contact reception or telephone 01449 674980.