Adult Climbing Sessions

Adult Climbing

Are you new to climbing or have you been enjoying the sport for years? We have a wide range of activities and courses for adults with a variety of experience levels. For beginner climbers we suggest a private 1-2-1 or our Adult Introduction 2 part course usually run on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. For those looking to progress their climbing to the next level, we suggest either a private 1-2-1 tuition with one of our experienced climbing coaches or our learn to lead course, usually on the last Saturday of each month. Bookable via our app, online or give us a call on 01449 64980.

Casual Climbing

As long as you are competent and over 18, you can climb at The Cragg as an unsupervised adult. You will, however, need to register at reception and pass a competency test with our climbing team before you begin. We offer both 3 yearly registrations as well as day registrations for those that are on holiday, on a work trip or just passing through the area. Please allow time before you climb to complete the registration process (typically 5-10 minutes).


Our bouldering room is an exceptionally popular part of The Cragg. Whether you are new to the sport or are a seasoned hardcore ‘Boulderer’ we have our bouldering-only registration option. We offer both 3 yearly registrations as well as day registrations for those that are on holiday, on a work trip or just passing through the area. This allows you to use the bouldering room to your heart’s content but if you would like to climb in the rope room as well, then you will need to register accordingly (see casual climbing above).


If you climb on a regular basis, then you will probably like our membership packages. Get in touch with the Mid Suffolk sales team regarding our monthly and annual membership options. There are options for everyone and can save you money when you are climbing regularly! They also make great birthday/Christmas presents.

Beginner’s Courses “Adult Introduction Course”

The Adult Introduction course is the perfect place to start. This two part course takes place every month. Part 1 is on the first Sunday and Part 2 is on the third Sunday (one or two exceptions apply where bank holidays are involved).

During these training days, you will be taught basic climbing skills such as:

  • Bouldering basics
  • How to warm up
  • How to wear a harness correctly
  • Belaying on top-rope
  • ‘Tying-in’
  • Catching a fall
  • Lead climbing is not taught during this course

Learn to Lead Climb

Lead climbing differs from top-rope climbing in that the rope starts on the floor and is led up the wall as the climber ascends. This is a fairly advanced and as such, this class is only suitable for regular climbers (at least once per week) who have been climbing for the previous three months or so and are at a grade of 5 and above. The course usually runs on the last Saturday of each month. Please book by giving us a call on 01449 674980.

The Learn to Lead Climb course will give you all the skills and knowledge to be a safe and confident lead climber. The four hours spent learning will lay the foundation to take your climbing to the next level. As well as best practice, you’ll learn how to avoid the pitfalls of leading a climb. We teach everything through practical demonstrations, guided coaching and personal experience.

What you’ll learn:

  • Lead belaying
  • Clipping quickdraws smoothly and efficiently
  • Holding a fall / falling
  • Clipping extenders / running belays
  • Preparing the rope for leading
  • Fall factors
  • Rope design and different belay devices
  • Clipping quickdraws smoothly and efficiently

Private Coaching

Private 1-2-1 coaching is for anyone wanting to be introduced to climbing up to experienced climbers looking to improve techniques, strength and skills. Private lessons are bespoke and planned around you and your personal requirements. Have you reached a plateau in your climbing? Does it seem like the next grade is miles away? Do you know what is holding you back? Are you happy with your grade but feel like your technique could be improved? Do you fear falling off? Never climbed and want to get into it?

Our qualified and very experienced coaches are available to help you improve. One-off ‘masterclass’ style sessions are available but to really see a marked improvement we recommend a booking block of coaching sessions. Be warned, however, you will be getting homework!