Junior Climbing Sessions

Climbing is perfect for children. It boosts confidence, improves agility, tests the mind and is great for improving fitness. Our children’s courses are the most extensive in the region and, due to popularity are growing from strength to strength. This is all achieved through our NICAS scheme, see more below:

National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS) – Levels 1-4

If your child is aged six or over, the best way to start is with one of our junior clubs. We think climbing is amazing! If you want to get involved, read on! We think that getting into this sport is a brilliant way to have fun, get fit and make new friends – there are lots of possibilities and benefits to be enjoyed. Whether you want to hang out with friends or focus on your own training in a supportive environment, you’ll find that climbing offers everything you’re looking for and more.

The programme runs for 38 weeks a year, during the school term times. During our programme, your child will take part in the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS). Our NICAs scheme is run by the charitable ABC Training Trust (trading as “NICAS”) and delivered by our experiences climbing coaches. The Cragg are here to provide the structure, coaching and resources to help everyone enjoy the best start in climbing.  When you register with us for the scheme you receive a logbook for Levels 1-3. Later you will be offered a booklet for the Level 4. A binder is available separately to keep the booklets and additional papers pristine. You will be awarded with a certificate as you pass each level. The Accredited Centre will award the certificate on behalf of the ABCTT.

The Cragg offers Levels 1 to 4 on this scheme. For those aged between six and eight, our Pre NICAS sessions are designed to give a gentle and fun-filled introduction to the world of climbing. We instil safe techniques from the beginning, and once your child has demonstrated sufficient understanding of the risks involved, and is aged 8 or older, they will be invited to join our NICAS Level 1 course. For those aged nine upwards, our NICAS Level 1 courses are the place to start, providing the opportunity to develop essential skills and techniques. Your child can then work through the various levels of the award at their own pace, whilst receiving first class tuition from our highly experienced team. The levels are as follows:


For children aged 6-8 years this is an easy going lesson with the aim of getting the children to climb as much as possible whilst instilling the safety aspects required.

Level 1-2

During this course we deliver NICAS levels 1-3 for children aged nine and up, aiming to improve everyone’s knowledge and climbing ability. Registration onto NICAS is mandatory in this class. We also ask that the children attend the Start Climbing course or equivalent private tuition before joining.

Level 3

A more advanced top-roping and bouldering award that focusses on developing technique and movement skills. This is aimed at ensuring a candidate possesses the knowledge and skill to climb and belay safely at any climbing facility (whether or not under supervision or with back-up) and operate in a responsible manner. Achievement at this level is broadly equivalent to a pass at GCSE.

Level 4

Concentrating on the skills required to lead climb proficiently. Aimed at developing a self-motivated climber who has a wide range of skills and has reached a high level of competence, with a desire to progress by identifying and setting goals.

Junior Climbing Test (14–17 years old)

This is a competency test for junior climbers to demonstrate that they have the skills and awareness to use the wall unsupervised. Candidates must be able to demonstrate that they can belay, arrest falls, use ground anchors and troubleshoot a series of typical climbing errors as a minimum. This must be booked in advance.

There are two types of junior test the Top Rope Junior Test and Lead Climbing Junior Test. Young climbers need to have successfully completed a Top Rope Junior test before they are able to take a Lead Climbing Junior test.

To book or find out more please visit us in centre. Alternatively contact us on 01449 674980.