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Mount Wise Swimming Pools

Address & Telephone details

James Street,
Plymouth PL1 4HG

How to Find Us
0175 230 6265 Accessibility Information
  • mon: CLOSED - CLOSED
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  • wed: CLOSED - CLOSED
  • thu: CLOSED - CLOSED
  • fri: CLOSED - CLOSED
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  • sun: CLOSED - CLOSED

About this Centre

Mount Wise Swimming Pool is now closed for the season. We look forward to welcoming you back next year.

One of the best outdoor swimming pool complexes in the country, Mount Wise Swimming Pools features three pools – a 25m main pool, a fun pool with fountains, stepping stones, a whirlpool and a bubble pool, as well as a small pool for children to paddle in and build their confidence in the water.

Open between May and September each year, these pools are completely free to use for everyone, so come on down and enjoy!

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