Westgate Toning Suite

The Toning Suite provides a social, non-intimidating environment that allows people to exercise at an intensity that is suitable for their health needs for both men and women. To ensure exclusivity, the Toning Suite has a separate membership from the main gym.

The functional fitness area in the Toning Suite is designed to complement the Toning Chairs in a way that allows people to build upon their strength and fitness which has been achieved using the Toning Chairs alone.

As people improve their fitness, strength, mobility and joint stability through the use of the Toning Chairs they are able to progress to the functional area. This area focuses on balance, stability, coordination, proprioception and controlled movement which allows people to gain confidence and reduce their risk of falling.
Woodisde toning suite equipment and instructor helping customer

Our completely unique 30 minute workout uses power assisted equipment to provide the most innovative way to lose weight. The new toning suite includes:

  • Six Toning Chairs
  • Six Power Tone Machines

Customer Testimonial

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“I would like to take this opportunity to say how safe I feel under your care. You ensure that we

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Woodside Toning Suite