Cycling with Everyone Active

Cycling is an excellent activity to take part in if you want to improve your fitness and tone your lower body. It’s a non-impact activity, which means it doesn’t put too much stress on the joints in your knees, ankles or back. This makes it a good option for people who cannot do other forms of exercise because of problems in these areas.

There are four different cycling disciplines – BMX, road, track and mountain biking – each offering a different technical challenge. Road and mountain biking are most often seen as fitness activities and are ideal for beginners as all you need is your bike and a helmet.

All our gyms are stocked with indoor bikes for cycling as part of a fitness programme, and we offer cycling as a group fitnessclass. Some centres also offer Watt Bikes, which offer a more detailed analysis of your cycling and are the closest you can get to road cycling while indoors. Some centres may also offer bikability or learn-to-ride schemes for the little cyclist starting off on their biking adventures.

For more information on cycling clubs and coaching, visit British Cycling’s website, and for dedicated cycle routes near you, ranging from tarmac paths to challenging off-road routes, visit the Sustrans charity.