Five-a-side football with Everyone Active

If you’re looking for a fantastic way to get more active, alongside having fun with your mates and even making new friends, then five-a-side football is an absolutely fantastic place to start.

Played on much smaller pitches than traditional 11-a-side matches, with similarly smaller goals, five-a-side is a game more of skill and touch, rather than the pace and power that are a prerequisite of 11-a-side matches.

While at many of our centres you can just turn up and have a relaxed kickabout with your friends, many sites also host organised tournaments, where you and your team can test yourselves against other sides, with the potential for prizes at the end.

As well as being a great game to help adults keep active, five-a-side is perfect for introducing kids to the beautiful game too, enabling them to learn all the deft skills and tricks needed, but in a less physical environment. This allows them to enjoy themselves without worrying about the more physical aspect of the game.

You’ll find indoor five-a-side football is hosted at just about all of our centres that have a sports hall, while outdoor games are hosted on both artificial 3G pitches and traditional grass pitches at sites across the country, which you can find here.