Football with Everyone Active

The best thing about football is that all you really need to play is a ball, a safe bit of ground and maybe some friends, meaning it can be played anywhere from your back garden to your local park. It is also a great workout and can be a lot of fun.

Playing football increases your aerobic capacity and helps keep your heart healthy. It also helps lower your body fat, improve your muscle tone and increase your strength, flexibility and endurance. Regular play can improve concentration and promotes self-discipline, determination, teamwork and sharing. Playing with others is a great way to meet people and have some fun while you exercise.

All our centres that have a sports hall offer five-a-side football, while many of our centres also offer outdoor facilities ranging from those suitable for five-a-side to full-size pitches. Many centres also offer EA soccer school where children can start to learn the beautiful game from as young as two. There are also often turn up and play sessions for adults on offer, as well as competitive leagues you can enter a team into. To discover what is available in your area, find your local centre.