Ice Skating with Everyone Active

As well as being a popular and enjoyable pastime, ice skating forms the basis of sports like ice hockey, speed skating and figure skating.

Skating regularly could be very beneficial for your health and overall fitness, as it’s a great workout for your lower body. If your leg joints creak when you get out of bed in the morning, regular ice skating could help by improving your flexibility and building up your muscles.

Ice skating is also perfect for improving balance and offers mental fitness benefits including better concentration and spatial awareness.

To find a skating club near you, visit the National Ice Skating Association’s website. As well as 19 approved Skate UK centres – including some at Everyone Active centres – where you can participate in the learn–to-skate programmes and work towards badges and certificates – there are many other places which offer ice skating, including the ‘pop-up’ rinks that normally appear around the festive season.

To find your nearest Everyone Active centre that offers ice skating, click here.