Learn to Roller Skate

Introduction to the Learn to Roller Skate Programme

With Everyone Active & British Roller Sports Federation

Roller Skating is a fantastic activity which allows an individual to learn the basic fundamental movement during physical activity and keeps you active. Children and Adults will learn to roller skate by applying simple body motor skills and movement such as agility, balance, coordination and speed.

The programme is very much based around the children, adults and families having fun, and not pressurised to develop high level techniques and skill relevant to competitive roller sports. The programme develops communication skills, encourages engagement with instructors and others to enhance social development which is important to improve skating competence.

Everyone Active working with the British Roller Sport Federation provides an award programme from 5 years plus into adult age groups. The award programme consist of 5 levels in which awards can be achieved. The programme provides continuous assessment and observation without the learners knowing they are achieving the outcomes of each level. The programme emphasises fun which the skills and criteria are based around.

All courses are delivered by our qualified and trained level 1 & 2 Roller Sport coaches which will have all undertaken safeguarding, have DBS confirmation.

Programme Overview

Everyone Active Learn to Roller Skate programme is an award scheme which allows children and adults to develop roller skate skills and be rewarded for their achievements.

The programme is suitable for the following age groups:

  • 5 years to 7 years
  • 8 years to 10 years
  • 11 years to 15 years
  • Adults

What Skills Will I Learn

The programme consist of 5 levels, at each level there are 4-5 skills that must be achieved to be able to obtain that level award. Each level consist of the following areas / skills:

  • Starting and stopping
  • Gliding
  • Leg cross overs
  • Turning
  • Jumping & Leaping
  • Skating backwards

Class Structure

Each week learners will be taught a specific skill, and in the final week of the course the roller sport coach will undertake an informal observation and assessment to ascertain levels of achievement.

ALL skaters will receive a certificate on the 6th / 7th week celebrating their attendance in the programme, and achievement certificates will be awarded.

  • Age 5 – 7 years session duration is 45 minutes
  • Age group 8 years and above consists of 1 hour sessions


Do I need my own skates?

No we will provide the correct size skates for your session although you are welcome to bring your own skates.

Do I need to provide / wear helmet and safety equipment?

We will provide all safety equipment including helmet, elbow, knee, and wrist guards. This is mandatory for all our Learn to roller Skate Programmes.

Do I need to be able to skate?

No we start of the class’s at a very basic level for each learner and you will be supported by our coaches to ensure you learn at your own comfortable pace.

When do I know I have achieved a level?

The coach is continuously assessing your achievement against the awards criteria, when you have competently achieved the skills your coach will award you no matter what week that you achieve all the skills.

What do I do when I have achieved all the levels?

You can continue on the programme to increase your confidence and ability to skate as the coaches will continually provide advice and guidance on improving. You can also book into our roller disco, after school skater clubs, and holiday sessions. Please ask reception for more details.

How long is the course?

Our courses are 6 or 7 weeks depending on the term but it is a continuous course throughout the year so can enrol again to continue the skills on the next term. All learners get preferential booking on the next term first.

How much is the course and when is it?

Please contact the centre, enquire on the link below or message us on social media.