Play Netball with Everyone Active

Netball is a fast-paced team game which, if played regularly, will quickly boost your health and fitness levels. As well as burning calories and lowering body fat, regular play increases aerobic capacity and improves upper body strength, hand-eye coordination, leg muscle strength and stamina, flexibility, and agility.

Netball is played by an estimated 158,000 women every week and is the only female team sport to be given weekly television coverage by Sky Sports. Since 2010, 35,000 women have started playing netball again for the first time since childhood through the Back to Netball programme.

All our leisure centres that have a sports hall will generally offer netball, as halls are pre-marked with a netball court. Back to netball, walking netball and high 5 netball will all be on offer in some centres. To find out more about the sport, visit the England Netball website, or visit your local centre.