Play Squash with Everyone Active

Squash is a fast and furious sport in which you run, leap and dive for the ball, thereby using a huge amount of energy compared to other sports. This makes it very strenuous, but playing it regularly can be fantastic for your health.

Playing squash regularly will not only help keep you fit and your heart healthy, but will increase your strength and flexibility, particularly in your back. It will also improve your hand-eye co-ordination and overall agility, and could help you to maintain a healthy weight.

Squash is a hugely popular sport around the world and there are thousands of squash clubs in the UK, many of which also teach children how to play the game through their Mini Squash programme. Some of our centres offer this as well as adult coaching in groups or one-to-one lessons. To find out more about learning to play squash, visit To find your nearest squash court at one of our centres, click here.