Excuses for exercise and why you should ignore them

Us humans are absolutely brilliant at making excuses for not going out and getting active. Either we’re too tired, too busy or we’re a bit sore. It’s very common and very easy to listen to those voices in your head. But here’s why you should ignore all those needling excuses and get out there and get on with it.

I haven’t got enough time

This is the most common excuse used by people when considering a new exercise regime. Some of you may think that you just don’t have the time to exercise and can’t fit it in to your already hectic schedule.

With better planning, we can usually find some time to exercise.

  • At the beginning of each week, plan when you’re going to exercise – ensure it’s planned just as stringently as all your other activities, be they work or social. The more you plan, the more likely you are to stick with it.
  • Be flexible. Life has a habit of getting in the way of a lot of things, not least your fitness regime, so try and be flexible and fit it in at another time.
  • Even a short session of exercise is better than nothing at all. Don’t focus on completing an hour if you know you’ve only got time for 30 minutes. Focus on completing and enjoying your half hour session rather than the missing 30 minutes. The rising popularity of HiiT (High Intensity Interval Training) regimes and other high intensity 20-30 minute classes means there is a huge range of options available to choose from.
  • Make more time in the day – get up slightly earlier or go to bed slightly later. Use the time to fit in your exercise session.

I’m too tired

Working out will actually give you more energy. The feel good hormones – endorphins – released during exercise will make you feel great and even help wake you up.

I’m too old

It’s never too late to start exercising. As we age, exercise becomes even more important to help prevent muscle wastage and the reduction of bone density that causes brittle bones, as well as helping to keep your mind sharp. It’s also great for helping maintain your balance, preventing falls and their associated injuries.

Women – I don’t want big muscles

This shouldn’t be too much of a concern as women naturally don’t produce as much testosterone as men, meaning it’s much more difficult for them to bulk up compared to their male counterparts. As long as you follow a normal training regime, you’ll just see the beneficial toning effects of exercise.