Gym Alternatives: do Your Workout in the Pool

There are loads of gym alternatives out there for when you get bored of the same old workout routine and you feel the need to change it up a little bit. So why not try doing your workout in the pool instead?

Benefits of Doing Your Workout in the Pool

There are loads of benefits to using the swimming pool as an alternative to, or as well as, the gym. It works your entire body, you’re less likely to injure yourself and it’s a great stress reliever too. Keep reading to find out more.

Doing Your Workout in the Pool Will Help you Avoid, or Recover From, Injury

Whether you already have an injury, or are just looking to change up your regular normal gym routine, swimming is a great option. The water supports 90% of your body weight, meaning it is a very low impact, limiting the stress and pressure put through your joints, thereby helping you build up strength without hurting the joint too much. This not only helps you recovery from injury, but will help you avoid getting injured in the first place as well.

Doing Your Workout in the Pool Helps Relieve Stress

There is plenty of research that extolls the mental as well as physical health benefits of exercise, and specifically, water-based exercise. Whether you’re swimming or doing an exercise class such as aqua aerobics, it has been proven that this activity will make you feel better about yourself, both inside and out.

Doing Your Workout in the Pool is a Great Whole-Body Workout

If you’re working out in the gym, it’s likely that each machine will either help cardio fitness or help you build strength and muscle mass in a certain area of your body. In the water, you’re using your whole body all the time, meaning you’re working just about every muscle you have, it also builds cardio fitness and muscle at the same time thanks to the increased resistance of the water against your movements compared to the air.

How Zoggs Training aids can Help With Your Workout

Using different strokes and Zoggs training aids, you can target different parts of the body and get that full workout. Here is our need to know guide on how the Zoggs training aids and swimming strokes can give you the best workout:

Zoggs Kickboard

Using the Zoggs Kickboard focusses on strengthening the thighs and glutes primarily, as well as recruiting your abs and hamstrings. If you find holding the kickboard flat too easy, try holding it vertically with half the board in the water to create drag, meaning it needs a harder kick. The kickboard can help to practice any stroke kick (freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly) as well as practicing your breathing. You can also use Zoggs Fins alongside the kickboard to help improve your ankle flexibility.

Zoggs Pull Buoy

Using the Zoggs Pull Buoy allows you to focus on the upper body, helping build strength and arm movement. The pull buoy supports the body, helping to isolate certain areas, as well as helping to develop and improve your stroke technique.

Zoggs Hand Paddles

These help to increase speed and build power in the shoulders, lats and arms. Adding these to your workout improves your body positioning, but be sure you use them properly to avoid injury. These should only be used for a third of your overall workout.

Regular Swimming Sessions

Using these training aids are a great way to isolate and focus on strengthening specific areas of the body, but don’t forget to mix these in with the regular swimming strokes as these are great cardio and can help tone other areas of the body as well.

Freestyle (Front Crawl)

Keeping your body as flat as possible in the water, while relaxing your neck and back muscles will help work the triceps and lat muscles.


This stroke helps build strength in your abs, triceps, shoulders, chest and quad muscles.


Like freestyle, you need to keep your body as flat as possible, with your neck muscles relaxed and it will help strengthen your shoulders, lats and chest muscles.

Using a combination of the different strokes as well as the Zoggs training aids, you can create the perfect workout! So why not give it a go today? Next time you’re heading to the gym grab your costume and a towel and dive in instead?

If you need anymore tips on how to use anymore of the Zoggs training aids or you are looking to develop your swim technique further, check out all the Zoggs Swim Technique videos below.

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