How To Feel Great Ahead Of The Christmas Party

As the days continue to get darker earlier and the festive season well and truly gets into full swing, we wouldn’t blame you if you were feeling less than motivated about maintaining your everyday fitness routine. To help you, we’ve put together a few tips aimed at encouraging you with your workouts and ensure that you’re feeling fabulous and Christmas party ready!

Fresh Food

Cooking and eating fresh food is always best, and there will be plenty of winter vegetables available for you to sample and make something creative with. Try roasting some baby carrots, pumpkins, parsnips and artichokes, combined with your choice of seasonings, paired with a little olive or rapeseed oil. This will be both nutritious and packed with flavour!

Balance Things Out

Supermarkets will be fully stocked with a whole host of tempting Christmas treats during this time of year, so it’s vital you remember not to overdo it. On the other hand, we believe everyone deserves to indulge from time to time, especially during the seasonal period. So, if you’re tucking into a tantalising Yorkshire pudding wrap with all the trimmings, opt for warming seasonal soup with some wholemeal bread and a side of fruit for your second meal.

Switch Things Up   

Although many of us enjoy being active outdoors during the summertime, the thought of doing the same during the wintery months doesn’t quite have the same appeal to most. You might want to try something a little different from your typical gym routine, like a group fitness class. Exercising in a group setting could inspire you train that little bit harder, as you’ll collectively push each other to keep going. We offer a number of classes for members of varying fitness interests and abilities, including, Zumba, HIIT and Boxercise.

Get Some Air

Our goal is to get as many people as possible engaging in 30 minutes of activity, five days a week, two of which are in our centres and online. Whilst we understand you may want to stick to working out indoors during the colder months, it’s still important to try and get some fresh air wherever possible. To get your blood pumping, consider going out for a brisk walk during your lunch break or a light jog once you return from work.

Time Changer

Leaving your warm cosy bed is always slightly more difficult during the colder months. But it may be worthwhile to swap your after work gym sessions to the mornings instead. There’s a chance it might be a slight struggle to begin with, but you’ll find yourself with more energy throughout the day, you’ll also have extra free time in the evenings and are likely to sleep better and earlier.