Hydrohex: What is it & how can you get Involved?

Hydrohex is an all-new aqua fitness concept where the classes are presented virtually via a screen from the side of the pool. There are currently four different class types: Cardio, Power, Move and Beat, each of which offers something different, with each class requiring you to put in varying levels of strength, mobility, choreography and heart rate.

All Hydrohex classes help you to burn calories and lose weight, while they’re also great for stretching your muscles, improving flexibility and range of movement in your joints. You’ll also boost your stamina and endurance, while the classes will also help to build muscle mass.

Hydrohex is currently only available at a small number of Everyone Active centres, but we are in the process of expanding it across the business.

Benefits of Hydrohex

There are myriad benefits of Hydrohex virtual aqua fitness classes, many of which stem from the fact that the classes take place in the pool, thereby helping to support your body, but also providing resistance against the movements you’re doing as part of your workout.

Low Impact

By exercising in water, you’re greatly decreasing the impact on your joints. This drastically lowers the risk of injury, while also making it a great workout if you’re currently recovering from an injury. This is because the water helps to support your joints and muscles, thereby significantly reducing the load that goes through them while exercising.

Burns Calories

Don’t think, however, that just because it’s a low-impact work out, you won’t feel the benefit. Far from it! Hydrohex is a great way to burn calories and lose weight. It doesn’t isolate just one part of the body, either. Every Hydrohex session is a full-body workout, meaning you’ll never forget leg day!

Great Resistance Workout

The resistance that the water provides is great for helping to build strength, stamina, muscle mass and boosting core strength, too. You don’t need any extra weights or equipment – the water does the work for you!

Hydrohex Classes

There are four different styles of Hydrohex class – Move, Cardio, Power and Beat – each of which focusses on slightly different elements of fitness and each of which offers you something different.

Whether you want to tone up, become more athletic, boost your mobility and core strength, improve your cardio fitness, or just enjoy moving to the music – there’s something for everyone with Hydrohex.

Hydrohex Beat

Hydrohex Beat is the perfect combination of fun, rhythm, and fitness training. This mood-boosting, dance-like class gets you to step up and shine with different styles and movements in the water. During the class, you’ll enjoy a variety of different choreographies, as well as doing broad, energising movements to make you feel confident and composed.

Hydrohex Cardio

Hydrohex Cardio exists to improve your cardiovascular endurance. An interval-based workout for those of you searching for heart-rate elevating challenges, Hydrohex Cardio will lead you through engaging and athletic combos set to inspiring music with energising coaching. In addition to improving your general fitness via running, jumping and strength combined moves, Hydrohex Cardio is a fast way to get lean and toned, and the overall fun of the class will make it an easy habit to repeat again and again!

Hydrohex Move

Hydrohex Move is the traditional water workout, which enhances cardio, core strength and mobility via dynamic moves and the support of the water. Move gives you the option of moving at your own level and with a range of variations This allows you to succeed at your own pace and enjoy the music. This is a perfect recovery workout when performed at an lower intensity, as well as being an excellent workout in its own right when performed at a higher intensity.

Hydrohex Power

Hydrohex Power is your go-to class for full body muscular strengthening and shaping with the full benefits of the pool. Ideal for those looking for a workout without the stress of difficult choreographies, the class includes circuit-sections that invite you to push, pull and fight the water against a stopwatch encouraged by up-beat music. There are also clear cardio sections to keep your heart rate elevated and ensure you stay warm throughout the class. Hydrohex Power movements can easily be varied and dialled up or down as needed, ensuring that everyone can find their level.

Hydrohex classes are either 30 or 45 minutes in duration.