Our State-of-the-art gym Equipment

We here at Everyone Active pride ourselves on providing our customers with the very best and very latest equipment available. Whether it’s in our gyms, in our group fitness classes or anything else in the huge range of activities we offer, we always try and supply the best equipment and programmes possible.

A great example of this passion for the latest and best technology is our adoption of Technogym equipment, with which our gyms are being outfitted right now. In some sites this equipment comes with smart key technology, which allows instant and easy tracking of your activity to your personal planner in Everyone Activity Online.

Customers can choose to have a personalised key that is linked to their Everyone Active profile and whenever that is inserted to a certain piece of gym equipment – and it works on both cardio and resistance kit – it automatically records that activity and logs that to your profile. This helps you keep track of your workouts, making sure you’re hitting your targets and thereby helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Where sites have non-Technogym equipment and with non-gym activities, we offer QR scanning functionality. To utilise this, simply scan the Everyone Active QR code with the scanner in our App, enter what you did and again this automatically records you activity. Whether you are inside one of our centres or outside, we have a solution that works for you.

Our dedication to using the latest kit goes beyond this, however. We have also embraced the latest in virtual group fitness classes from the world-renowned Les Mills suite of classes, as well as the latest group cycling bikes for those sessions.

So, to take advantage of these fantastic, state-of-the-art facilities, join us now by clicking here or pop down to your local centre to find out more about how Everyone Active can help you achieve your fitness goals.