The benefits of BODYPUMP

BODYPUMP is a fantastic all-round group fitness class. As well as promoting the development of lean, athletic muscle mass, it’s also a great way to get yourself fitter aerobically, as well as helping to improve your muscle definition and tone. It’s perfect to people of all ages and abilities, while the motivational instructors and pumping music help keep you going throughout each class, ensuring you reach your fitness targets.

BODYPUMP is not just about muscles

Although the class’s primary concern is to help you build, tone and define all your major muscle groups, it’s also a great way to burn calories as well. Most people can expect to get through around 560 calories in each 55 minute session, which in itself is a brilliant achievement, but ally that to the fact that building more lean muscle – which is what the class does best – then you’ll burn more calories more efficiently.

It’s a great exercise stimulus

By this we mean that by doing BODYPUMP, you’re actually making your body more receptive to other forms of exercise. As we mention above, you’ll burn plenty of calories during the class itself, by doing BODYPUMP, you’ll burn more calories when doing other forms of exercise than you would if you hadn’t taken it up.

Reduces the risk of osteoporosis

Various studies have shown that the sort of high-repetition, low load training that BODYPUMP entails can help improve your bone density, thereby reducing your risk of getting osteoporosis in later life.

BODYPUMP offers a great variety of exercises

In a BODYPUMP class, you’ll work all the major muscle groups, making it a fantastic all-round workout, ensuring you have a balanced exercise regime. It includes chest presses, squats, deadlifts, lunges and bicep curls – among others – working the back, chest muscles, arms, legs and everywhere in between.

BODYPUMP is open to everyone

You don’t have to be a muscle-bound Adonis to enjoy and make the most of a BODYPUMP class, either. The fact that it concentrates on using lighter weights means that anyone can join in and benefit from the classes, helping them to build strength and fitness, slowly moving up to heavier weights as you progress.