Get ready for two Months of Running!

Running is one of the best cardio workouts you can do, and you don’t really need any specialist equipment, either. All you need is a pair of trainers, some suitable clothing and you’re ready to go!

Regular Running Content

Throughout August and September, we will be featuring a whole host of content to help you improve your running speed and endurance. Regardless of whether you’re a regular runner, have just started out, or have never strapped a pair of trainers on before, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

We will be featuring advice articles, such as a guide to running for beginners and all the way through to preparing for races and everything in between.

Content on Social Media

Meanwhile, our Facebook and Instagram pages will be hosting live and pre-recorded classes throughout the two months, fronted by our expert trainers. These classes cover everything from specific strength and conditioning classes to help improve your running, specific stretches, as well as advice on how best to recover after a run. There will also be a whole host of other content to help you get the most out of your running and improve your techniques.

Whether you’re a regular runner, are new to pavement pounding or have never tried it before in your life, we hope you enjoy the next two months’ worth of content. There’s something for everyone, with brand-new written and video content appearing every day. So, get your shorts on, tie your trainers and let’s get running!