How to Feel Confident in the gym

It’s only natural to feel a mixture of nerves, excitement and anxiety when we try something new and unfamiliar, the gym is no exception to this. However, if you don’t feel all that confident about going to the gym, then you’re unlikely to be getting the most out of your workout. We’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to help you feel more confident when you head into the gym.

8 Tips to Feeling More Confident in the gym

The gym can be an intimidating place, check out our eight top tips to help you feel more confident. Not only will this help you enjoy your workouts more, but you’re also more likely to keep coming back, meaning you’re more likely to hit your fitness goals.

Be Confident in What You’re Wearing

Dress comfortably for the exercise you’re doing. You don’t need the latest trendy gear, but if you’re comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, then you’re more likely to feel comfortable and at home.

Be Confident With the Equipment You’re Using

In order to work out confidently and effectively, it’s essential you know how to use the equipment. Before you come to the gym, make sure you familiarise yourself with our kit. Check out our online induction videos – even if you’re a seasoned gym-goer – to make sure you know how to use everything properly. This will help you use it with confidence and make sure you get the most from your workout.

Plan Your Workout

Go to your workout with a plan and stick to it. Think to yourself: “today I’m going to do X, Y and Z”. If you turn up without an idea of what you want to get out of your session, you’ll likely wander around for 10 minutes figuring out what to do. You’ll then revert to your default workout (a steady 30 minutes on the cross trainer and bike anyone?) Your default workout has its place, but not in every session. Yawn! Make the most of the fantastic equipment available to you and the benefits of using it.

Ignore Everyone Else

Don’t compare yourself or compete with others. Everyone in the gym has their own goals, you don’t need to keep up with anyone but yourself! Nervous about the weights? Then start super light and gradually build things up. Not sure about running? Start with a brisk walk and gradually increase the pace as you feel comfortable. These rules apply to all the other equipment too – the rowing machine, exercise bike, everything.

Workout With a Companion

By taking someone along with you, whether they’re a friend, family member or partner, you’re certain to be much more relaxed. By having the support of someone you know, you’ll worry less about your surroundings, have more fun and get more out of your workout.

Give Personal Training a go

Personal trainers are great for boosting your confidence in the gym. Having an expert on hand to help you use equipment properly and to get as much as possible out of each session. With a PT, you’re more likely to reach your targets and hit them more quickly too, than if you exercise alone.

Workout During Off-Peak Hours

It’s important you time your visit. If you prefer a quieter environment then you may be better avoiding working out during at peak times of 5-7pm. However, if you prefer blending in with the crowd, those peak times are ideal.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Don’t worry if something goes wrong. Falling off the treadmill, dropping a dumbbell on your foot, splitting your trousers will all happen occasionally, but nowhere near as often as you might think. Be sensible, follow the instructions and you’ll be fine.

Remember why you’re there, what you’re working towards and what you’re achieving – give yourself a pat on the back for getting it done!