Nine Reasons to try a Personal Trainer

As the year draws to a close and the festive period gets well underway, it may begin to get slightly difficult to keep up with your regular workouts. Whether you’re at the beginning of your fitness journey, or an everyday gym bunny, sometimes we could all benefit from a little bit of help, or that extra push that enables us stay motivated to reach or maintain our fitness goals. But, have you ever considered using a Personal Trainer?

Whilst many of us tend to shy away from it, as we often believe it can be quite expensive and are unsure about the added value we may gain from it. A number of people will find that it’s worth the expense, as almost anyone can work with one and there’s a variety of things they can assist you with, including creating a tailor-made bespoke training programme to suit your needs and ability.

Take a look at our top nine reasons to try out a Personal Trainer this January to help kick-start your New Year fitness regime.

1. You’re not sure where to start

Starting a new exercise regime can be daunting – especially if you’re using equipment you’ve never used before – so choosing where to begin can be extremely tricky. This is where Personal Trainers come in as they know everything that goes into a complete program and they can design that program to help you reach your target and fit it around your schedule.

2. The results aren’t as good as you were expecting

If you’ve been religiously exercising for several weeks or months and aren’t seeing any significant results or reaching your goals, hiring a Personal Trainer is a fantastic way to get yourself back on track.

3. Exercising independently is your goal

Hiring a trainer for a few sessions can be a great benefit for learning the right way to exercise and set you on the path to exercising on your own and, most importantly, correctly.

4. You need to be challenged

If you feel like you’re stuck or you’re ready to take your training to the next level, an experienced Personal Trainer can come up with new ways to challenge you, whether it’s just a one-off or a series of sessions.

5. You’re bored with the same old workouts

If you’re a frequent gym-goer, it can be a brilliant choice if you feel like you need to input some diversity into your workouts. It’s easy to fall into a workout rut, by doing the same workouts over and over. Not only is this boring, it can lead to weight loss plateaus, overuse injuries and burnout.

6. You need motivation

Motivation comes from all kinds of places. Whether you want to become healthier, lower your blood pressure, look and feel fabulous for a wedding or fit in a bathing suit, a Personal Trainer can become that added motivator.

7. You have a specific injury, illness or condition

If you have some specific injury or condition, your doctor may want you to exercise. But how do you do that if you’re in pain or working around an injury? That’s where an experienced trainer comes in. Personal Trainers work with all kinds of people and many of them may have specialties that allow them to work with clients with special needs. However it’s important to remember to speak to your GP first for clearance.

8. You’re training for a certain sport or event

A well informed and knowledgeable Personal Trainer can be a huge help if you’re into a specific sport or you’re training for an upcoming event. Whether you’re a runner, golfer or cyclist, there’s almost certainly a trainer out there who can help you up and improve your game.

9. You want supervision, company and support

Some people already know how to exercise and they even know how to do the exercises correctly, but they enjoy having a trainer around for support and supervision.

For more information on Personal Trainers in your centre, or to buy a Personal Training gift voucher for Christmas or New Year, speak to our colleagues in centre.




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