Brian Worrell – Hemel Hempstead Leisure Centre

From horse riding to country walks, Brian has always kept active. At 81, there’s still no stopping him attending his weekly Pilates class.

“My wife and I attended Pilates initially because she went through a number of operations. The class was a great way of increasing her mobility in terms of stretching and coordination.”

“I’ve always been active and didn’t want to stop, so I kept up with the classes. It helps me considerably by keeping me supple and helping me with simple tasks such as turning my head in the car. Keeping my core strong also means I now don’t suffer as much with back ache.”

Pilates has also helped Brian keep a positive frame of mind.

“It has certainly reinforced my glass half full aspect of life. I always try to look on the positive side and Pilates not only keeps you fit and mobile, but it’s also enjoyable and sociable.”

Since attending Pilates, Brian has encouraged two of his friends to join the class and see the benefits for themselves.

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