Marie Ricot – David Weir Leisure Centre

Theatre lover Marie is a natural on stage but was never keen on taking up sports or exercise.

“I’ve never been much of a gym person, I used to do the very least I could get away with. It was when my knee started to get worse that I knew I had to do something about it.”

After being diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, 76-year-old Marie joined David Weir Leisure centre through the GP referral scheme. She now attends GP referral classes twice a week.

“I have noticed a huge difference since attending the classes. My knee hasn’t flared up in the same way and my balance is far better. I used to fall over as much as three times a week, but now I feel like everything is stronger including my core.”

The classes are also a great way to socialise and Marie is now the ‘go-to’ guide for new class members.

“The great thing about the class is the social aspect. There’s a whole load of us and we all have a chat before the class starts. When new members join, people often introduce them to me as I know my way around and I’m always happy to talk them through it.

“For anyone considering joining a class or the gym, I’d say if you can possibly do it, do it! It definitely improves your life.”

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