Which Fitness and Health Class is Right for You?

Here at Everyone Active, we offer a number of different group exercise classes that are designed to help boost your fitness and health in a less intense manner. They are low impact and are perfect for those of you who have difficulty moving or struggle to get access to exercise. They’re also a fantastic way of meeting new people and socialising every week.

Active Choices Circuits

A low-intensity, progressive group exercise session for those on our exercise referral scheme. Speak to a member of the fitness team at your local leisure centre before you book, as a referral is required to take this class.

Aqua Aerobics classes

These classes give you a great all-body workout, but significantly reduce the impact that goes through your joints. This makes it great for building up muscle, without the same risk of injury, while it’s also perfect for those recovering from injury or those with limited movement.

Chair-based Yoga/Pilates

Gentle Yoga and Pilates movements for those who have limited movement or find it difficult getting on and off the floor.

GP Circuits

A light exercise circuits class for those who are on or who have completed the GP referral scheme or need to undergo cardiac rehab after heart issues.

Seated exercise

A gentle seated exercise session designed to build strength to help you complete everyday activities more easily.