Enjoy a right Royal Workout this Jubilee Weekend

To celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, our National fitness Expert and EA Series Instructor, Jo has come up with a regally-themed workout for you to enjoy at home this long bank holiday weekend. You might notice a few of the names of the exercises have changed, but it’s just a little bit of fun. So why not don your tiara and your best Union Jack workout suit and take on our Jubilee Workout with Jo?

This workout is an accumulator, so you’ll take on the first exercise, take a 30 second break, then two the first and second exercise, take a 30 second break, then do the first, second and third exercises and take a half-minute break. Continue in this vein until you’ve completed all 10 royal-themed exercises and you’ve finished! Good luck!

  • 2 Balmoral Burpees
  • 4 Palace Press Ups
  • 6 Corgi Crunches
  • 8 Majestic Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Windsor Walkouts
  • 12 St James Squats
  • 14 Kensington Kicks
  • 16 Tower Toe Taps
  • 18 Crown Curtsey Squats
  • 20 Jubilee Jumping Jacks