Cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats Challenge Results

We all know cycling is a fantastic way to get – and keep – fit. Getting on your bike is brilliant for cardiovascular and endurance work, whilst also boosting your leg strength through low impact exercise.

So, getting on your bike – whether that’s a real one out on the roads, in the woods or in the hills – or the cycling machines we have in our centres is a fantastic way to get active and get closer to your fitness goals, whatever they may be.

All of which is why, trying to cycle the 874 miles (1,407km) between Land’s End – the south western-most tip of mainland Britain – and John O’Groats, the north eastern-most extremity of the mainland in the first two months of the year is a good idea. Honest.

More than 280 of you entered this challenge using apps like Strava, logging your activities in centre using either TechnoGym smart key technology, or the QR code scanning system, or manually inputting your activities into your profile.

Brilliantly, 34 of you managed to ride a superb 215 miles, which was enough to get you to Bath, while 18 managed the 420 mile ride to Haydock in Merseyside. Furthermore, 14 of you managed to make it all the way into Scotland and 12 managed the 750 mile ride from Land’s End to Fort William. Finally, a miraculous ten of you managed the whole 874 miles between the two Landmarks. In the end, our run-away winner (or should that be ride-away..?) was Gina Cleere, from Basildon Sporting Village, who often with more than one ride each day, covered a quite simply astonishing 2451 miles – enough to cover the distance more than twice.

We’d like to say thank you to everyone that entered this challenge and we hope you enjoyed pushing yourself and plan to continue cycling throughout the rest of 2018. If you’d like to try a different challenge, head here to check out all the new challenges that are open now, along with all the new ones that will be appearing throughout the year.

Good luck!