The Everyone Active App

By joining us here at Everyone Active, you get free access to our exclusive mobile app that is a fantastic tool to help you on your fitness journey. It’s available on Android and iOS devices only.

Not only does it allow you to stay up to date with what’s going on with Everyone Active and at your centre, but it is a fantastic way to keep track of your activities and how you are progressing towards your fitness goals too.

It gives you full access to your profile, so you can update your planner with all the activities you have done, or plan to do, while you can also keep it up to date with your weight, if that’s what you’re working on, and other personal details.

To help you keep your planner up to date, we have also added QR code functionality to the app that will help you track your activities instantly. Simply scan the QR code that’s on the piece of equipment, court or at the pool entrance using the all-new scanner on the Everyone Active app and input how many reps you’ve done, how heavy the weights were, how long you’ve been doing that exercise and at what intensity.

This will then be instantly logged to your Everyone Active profile, giving you an up-to-the-minute catalogue of the activities you’ve done and how many activity points that’s earned you. This will give you a better idea of how you are progressing towards your fitness goals.

Alongside this functionality, you can also book all of your group fitness classes – such as Yoga or Zumba – from the app, as well as activities.

So download the app today and find out how it can improve your Everyone Active Experience. Download it on your Android or iOS device now.