Map Your March Mileage Results

During the month of March, we challenged you to log as many miles as you could, by connecting your fitness tracker to your online planner and the results were certainly impressive.

Over 400 of you took part, logging your running miles through Fitbit, Strava, Map My Run and via our Technogym treadmills.

54 of you reached our first ‘Out of the Blocks’ milestone target of 30 miles (48km) and beyond, while 39 of you reached our second ‘Pavement Pounder’ milestone target of 40 miles (64km) and beyond. Furthermore, an amazing 30 of you reached our ‘Forest Gump’ status milestone of 50 miles.

At the top of our leader board was Matthew H from West Lindsey Leisure Centre who clocked an amazing 432km/268 miles.

Hearty congratulations to everyone who entered.

Our running challenges continue in April with our new April Achievements running challenge, why not see if you can beat last month’s effort?